Our portfolio of translators and revisers includes over 600 freelance professionals in France and abroad, classified by specialties and chosen for their linguistic and copy-writing skills. BCO offers tailored, proactive and premium quality translation services in over 50 languages. 


tailored, proactive and premium quality services


EU languages

German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Bulgarian, Hungarian,Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Flemish, Greek, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Czech

East & Central European languages

Albanian, Armenian, Bosnian, Croatian, Georgian, Russian, Serbian, Chechen, Ukrainian

Asian languages

Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Indonesian, Japanese, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese

Other languages

Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Bengali, Farsi, Hindi, Hebrew, Icelandic, Turkish


A single contact point coordinates the dedicated team assigned to your translation project.

Our project manager analyses jointly with you the various aspects of your translation in order to deliver a customized solution tailored to your needs: language combination, terminology, technical complexity, deadlines, formats, etc.

The PM is also in charge of selecting the right translators for the job, exchanging information needed to coordinate the translation assignment, managing the translators’ schedules, documentary research and disseminating the data, monitoring and quality control of the translation project up to delivery.

Based on linguistic and technical expertise criteria, BCO follows a strict selection process to recruit the right specialised translators matching the needs of your translation project, who will be assigned to translate your document into their native language.

Most of our specialist freelancers are graduates from major translation schools (e.g. in France ESIT, ISIT…) and all of them have at least 5 years of experience in the subject matters that they translate.

All of our freelance translators are bound by obligations of absolute professional secrecy and full compliance with requirements of data security and confidentiality of the information they receive. They are prohibited from deriving any personal interest or profit from the confidential information of which they may gain knowledge in the course of their assignment.

Specific and personally signed non-disclosure agreements may be delivered at your request.


We send out quotes with clearly defined rates within 24 hours.
Prices may vary according to delivery deadlines, formatting and technical expertise required.

File format

We deliver your translations either in the initial document format or in another similarly structured format. File formats may be more or less suitable or compatible for translation. Most usual formats can be used as is by the translators, without requiring any special prior processing. The compatibility of a file format for translation purposes is a key parameter when estimating the cost and delivery deadline of a translation. We deliver translations of simple text files, conventional office IT files and DTP files formatted in the font type that you have specified. 

Delivery deadline

Delivery deadlines are assessed on the basis of the volume of your document, its technical complexity, the file format and the target language. A translation project is regarded as urgent if it needs to be delivered within 24 hours and exceeds an average workload of more than 2,500 words per day. For information, our translators regularly translate between 2,000 and 2,500 words a day depending on the technical complexity and file format. Accordingly, any document containing 2,000 words or less can generally be translated and delivered within 24 hours if needed.

Subject matters 

Labour Relations
Web sites
and many more…
While our translators have extensive knowledge of the subject matters they translate, it is however always useful to send us your in-house glossaries if any and share with us any information about your communication talking points, branding elements, style guides, acronyms etc. 


This is the original language of the document that we receive for translation. In translation parlance, the source language refers to the original language of the text to be translated.

This is the language of the audience for whom the translation is intended.

The final version of the document delivered to you is written in the target language. Our freelancers translate into their native language, i.e. their target language..

This term refers to the expansion of the target text volume versus the source text.

Text expansion is frequent when translating for instance English or German into Romance languages. The expansion factor needs to be taken into account when designing the page lay-out of your documents.

We bill our translations based on the actual count of French words.


To help us prepare a quote for your translation project, please give us details on the source language of your document, the target languages, your desired delivery deadline, and the file format.