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From a simple audio recording, with or without on-site presence, we keep alive in written form all oral presentations, ideas, debates or Q&A sessions that take place at your event. 



Our reports and summaries let you keep a high-quality written trace of all types of information and messages delivered during your event.

BCO and their staff are bound by an obligation of secrecy, in full compliance with non-disclosure agreements.

Each written document is a must to save the memory of your event, and can be used directly by your corporate departments, partners or customers.

Your reports are delivered within short deadlines, depending on the characteristics of your event.



Verbatim transcription produces a document that captures word for word in writing the speakers’ words spoken during the event.
It is generally used to serve the official purpose of a “reference document of record”.


A report transcribes in writing each sentence from the original speech, but reworded in a written style, and edits out any turns of phrase that would be unacceptable in written language.
It faithfully duplicates the contents of the spoken proceedings, but smooths out the reading of documents by removing hesitations or redundancies, while retaining the precise and exhaustive contents.  


A summary is a summarized rendition in writing of the spoken proceedings, and can be used as is for internal or external communication purposes. It prioritises and reports in writing the core ideas expressed during a meeting or conference, while summarizing clearly and concisely the verbal exchanges.
It can be used as an operational document to disseminate quickly and efficiently the contents of your event.


Articles are drafted in a journalistic copy-writing style and can be used as a relevant press release for news communication.
It may be drafted in an informative or incentive writing style at your option. 


Congresses, conferences, symposia, press conferences, debates, breakfast talks, scientific symposia, research works

Shareholders Meetings, financial presentations to analysts, Board meetings, Management meetings

Training sessions, seminars, company conventions,

Commission meetings, institutional plenary meetings, local government councils

Works Council meetings, European Works Councils...

For any specialised needs, we will design a bespoke solution upon request. 
Our reports and summaries are also available in English or can be translated by our translation department.



Transcribers in charge of your event will attend your full meeting in person.

They make an audio recording of the proceedings and take notes, identifying in particular the speakers who successively take turn at the microphone.

They will also collect any documents useful to facilitate the drafting of the report to be delivered.

The written transcription itself will be drafted ex-post, based on your recommendations about copy-writing style and lay-out of the final document.

The copy-writers dedicated to your project are selected based on their specialised writing expertise related to the topic of your event, and are always assigned to projects of a similar nature.

They draft the document to be delivered, but are also involved as coordinators for all phases of the transcription project, from the first minute of your event, if physically present on site, up to delivery of the final document.

They are at your constant disposal for updates on the progress of your project.  

Once we receive the audio recordings, the real teamwork starts. A first draft will be written based on your recommendations, followed with a dual editing and proof-reading exercise conducted by a tandem of copy-writers, i.e. the transcription project leader and an editor.

The role of the second reviser is to proofread and edit the initial draft document, an essential step to ensure that the final document will be of publishing quality and fully usable as is by your staff. This final document is delivered by our transcription staff as soon as the second editing step is completed.

Our transcription and copy-writing department remains at your disposal for any further editing as requested.


Our transcription staff is dedicated to the report to be delivered. Our services include any special requests for customised lay-out that may be sent prior to the event.

We supply multidirectional microphones needed to record the proceedings. Copies of the audio files are also available on request and delivered via digital media.

In case of unplanned emergency, you can request a priority processing of one or several extracts of the recorded proceedings (up to one hour of audio recording) at no extra charge, separately from the rest of the transcription work, provided you inform us of such need prior to the start of our work.

Requests for further editing will be addressed up to three months after delivery of the full final report.

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